Complete set of HIPAA Policy and Procedure Templates to satisfy the strict requirements of the regulations

Developed by experts, these templates are thorough, complete, and can easily be customized for your organization.

Clearwater’s HIPAA Policy and Procedure ToolKits™ contain a complete set of HIPAA Policy and Procedure Templates to satisfy the strict requirements of the regulations. Each ToolKit™ has been designed to help different organization types meet the requirements of the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach & Notification Rules so you can choose the templates that best fit your circumstances.

Save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in staff education and documentation time with the Clearwater HIPAA Policy and Procedure ToolKits™.

More Than Just Templates

Our Policy and Procedures ToolKits™ contain more than just a full set of templates. We also include guidance, both in documentation and in expert consulting. Each ToolKit™ includes a Policy Development QuickStart Guide™ including best practices for tailoring and implementing effective policies and procedures to match your business processes. You will also get a table of contents which lists all of the necessary documentation your organization should have.

No time or knowledge to document your HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Policies and Procedures? Get there faster with our ToolKits™!

Detailed Templates Include

Policy Statements
Detailed Procedures
Regulatory Authority
and More

Fully Customizable

Document and implement policies and procedures in a fraction of the time it would take to develop them on your own. Clearwater’s Policy and Procedures templates are thorough, complete, easily tailored to your organization, and will assure your commitment to protecting the PHI under your custody…and your reputation.

Whether you need a little guidance on how to tweak the templates, or want custom Policy and Procedures designed for your organization, our experts are available to ensure that your final documents meet your needs.

Interested in how we can help your organization with HIPAA policies and procedures?