Healthcare organizations must ensure that they comply with all standards, implementation specifications, and audit protocols of the HIPAA Privacy and Breach Notifications rules. Both of these rules apply to all protected health information (PHI), whether in electronic, paper, or any other format. Clearwater’s HIPAA Privacy and Breach Notification process protects your organization and its data by providing a complete and thorough gap analysis of your organization’s compliance with these rules.

Gain a comprehensive, documented baseline assessment of your organization’s compliance status with respect to all requirements of both the Privacy and the Breach Notification rules, not only ensuring compliance but demonstrating your commitment to protecting PHI to your stakeholders and customers.

Proven Methodology

Clearwater’s proven methodology leverages your subscription to its industry-leading IRM|Privacy® SaaS tool to efficiently and effectively evaluate all 60 standards, 63 implementation specifications, and 80 audit protocols and to provide an actionable and systematic plan for achieving compliance with these rules. We identify your current gaps, equip your team to address those gaps, and provide a repeatable, sustainable methodology and software to complete and document an evaluation of compliance each year. Future assessments can be performed by your team following the same methodology.

Fast Start. Rapid Results.

Sustained Success.

Fully documented assessment data, along with all related populated in your subscription to IRM|Privacy® SaaS software, which can be further leveraged for reporting and remediation workflow management

Training for your privacy and breach notification compliance team on how to utilize the Clearwater IRM|Privacy® software to facilitate remediation tasks and perform future assessments of compliance with the Privacy and Breach Notification Rules

A Privacy and Breach Notification Compliance Findings, Observations, and Recommendations (FOR) report, including:

  • Initial “Quick and Easy” initiatives that are usually inexpensive and fairly painless but result in a significant push forward in compliance and compliance awareness
  • “Big Rocks” priority items that are a focus of the OCR audit protocols with the greatest ROI
  • Detailed initiatives on additional work to be completed in your compliance journey over time and as resources permit

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