Healthcare organizations are required to perform a periodic evaluation of their compliance with the HIPAA Security Final Rule.

Compliance with this requirement is frequently reviewed during a HIPAA audit or in conjunction with an inquiry from the Office for Civil Rights (OCR). Ensuring compliance with all 22 standards and 50+ implementation specifications of this rule can be a difficult challenge for many organizations.

Clearwater's HIPAA Security Assessment WorkShop™ streamlines the assessment process while taking a rigorous, systematic approach and fully documenting the process in the SaaS-based IRM|Security® tool. The WorkShop™ combines our industry-leading IRM|Security® software solution with hands-on training and support from a team of seasoned experts to set you up for success. We help you follow the letter of the law as well as OCR audit protocols so you can feel confident in your approach to HIPAA security—now and in the future.

We were impressed by Clearwater’s ability to provide us with the expertise to quickly and efficiently conduct a rigorous compliance assessment according to the HIPAA Security Rule policy requirement and successfully meet the deadline set forth by AHCCCS.
Vice President, Information Systems,
University of Arizona Group Health Plan

Proven Methodology

We will help you satisfy the explicit requirement of the Security Rule, identify your current gaps, equip your team to address those gaps, and provide a repeatable, sustainable methodology and software to complete and document an evaluation of compliance each year. Future assessments can be performed by your team following the same methodology.

Fast Start. Rapid Results.

Sustained Success.

Education for your staff to maintain your compliance status and to perform and document this evaluation yearly, as required by the HIPAA Security Rule

Evaluation of your compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule

Fully documented assessment data, along with all related details populated in your IRM|Security® SaaS software subscription, which can be further leveraged for reporting and remediation

Training for your privacy and breach notification compliance team on how to utilize the Clearwater IRM|Security® software to facilitate remediation tasks and perform future assessments of compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule

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