A Thorough Security Awareness and HIPAA Privacy/ Security Workforce Training Program

Proven, affordable, web-based program effectively responds to HIPAA mandates for security awareness and privacy training for your entire workforce.

Your workforce can unknowingly sabotage your privacy and security efforts OR you can rest assured that you have a well-trained army of privacy and security sentinels who actively reinforce your compliance programs.

From as little as $10-$25 per workforce member (depending on the size of your organization), you can quickly and effectively respond to HIPAA mandates for viable security awareness and privacy training for your entire workforce while helping you turn your workforce into a positive asset that fuels improved compliance.

Our approach to workforce training

Thorough: Covers both foundational security awareness as well as HIPAA specific requirements for privacy and security

Affordable: Web-based modules create budget-friendly training delivery

Effective: Program offers an informative, non-technical, and highly interactive multimedia experience

Flexible: Courses are available online 24×7 through a shared training portal (organizations with more than 180 employees can customize and brand a dedicated portal)

Proven: Backed by an industry-leading partner and based on internationally accepted standards

Meets Documentation Requirements: Ongoing training program assessments are documented and maintained in accordance with HIPAA’s retention requirement of six years

Measurable: Post-assessment provides evaluation and documentation of worker readiness as well as organizational compliance with training requirements

Why you need workforce training

The HIPAA Privacy and Security rules require covered entities and business associates to provide formal education and training of the workforce to ensure ongoing accountability for privacy and security of protected health information (PHI). Each rule independently addresses training requirements. But, even if this mandate wasn’t explicitly required by law, investing in your employees to ensure they are appropriately equipped to safeguard PHI and support your compliance efforts should be a top priority.

The most comprehensive, thoughtful, and thorough HIPAA compliance program can be derailed by the unintentional actions of a single employee who is not fully aware of their obligations and role in safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI). Yet, too often companies don’t provide adequate training to workforce members who have daily access to PHI and ePHI.

By investing in HIPAA workforce training, you can transform a major vulnerability (unaware workers) into a valuable asset to help safeguard the PHI entrusted to you and protect your organization’s reputation. Clearwater is here to help with this critical “last mile” effort.

Clearwater’s Security Awareness and HIPAA Privacy/Security Workforce Training is a proven, affordable, web-based program that facilitates security awareness and privacy training for your entire workforce in an engaging, user-friendly format.

Complete HIPAA compliance training for employees

Clearwater’s thorough approach to workforce training ensures that you effectively respond to highly specific requirements under HIPAA, including:

Security awareness and privacy training programs must be provided to new employees within a reasonable time of them joining your workforce, and must be offered periodically to your entire workforce.

The regulations define “workforce” as your employees, volunteers, trainees, and other persons whose conduct in the performance of work for the covered entity or business associate, or is under the direct control of such entity, whether or not they are paid by your organization.

To be in compliance with HIPAA, you must ensure that your entire workforce follows the privacy and security requirements found within the Act.

Covered entities and business associates should also ensure that all workforce training program dates and assessment results are documented and all documents created are maintained in accordance with HIPAA’s retention requirement of six years.

Training must also include specific training on your organization’s privacy and security policies and procedures as they relate to their job functions. So, while this course will provide an excellent foundation for general understanding, you do have additional requirements.

How It Works

The training program is delivered via multiple online modules:

  1. Security Awareness
  2. Complying with HIPAA for Covered Entities
  3. Complying with HIPAA for Business Associates
  4. Complying with HIPAA for Hybrid Entities
  5. PCI Awareness (POS, IT/Back Office, Phone/Online)

Security Awareness

The Security Awareness training course is an informative, non-technical, and highly effective online multimedia course that provides a foundation of security awareness and creates an understanding of relevant security issues in the workplace. This foundational course covers the most common areas in which enterprise end users jeopardize information systems used to create, receive, maintain, and transmit PHI and ePHI.

Course materials include what computer security training is and why it’s important; ways that unscrupulous people and programs try to trick people into revealing information; common mistakes that put private information at risk, and much more. The security module also features a pre-assessment exercise to establish a baseline for their knowledge of best security practices.

Certificate of Training

Each learner who receives a score of 70 percent or higher on the relevant post-assessment will be able to print a Certificate of Training for that module, which can be used as evidence of meeting annual training requirements.

Interested in how we can help your organization with workforce training?