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It has become very apparent that HIPAA enforcement is in effect, on the upswing and the consequences are serious. A recent hire by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), however, means enforcement may soon ramp up even more. Are you ready?

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I have enjoyed participating in several HIPAA/HITECH webinars hosted by Bob Chaput with Clearwater Compliance, LLC.

The Webinars have been extremely professional and very specific in regards to assisting organizations meet the various applicable HIPAA Privacy and Security regulatory compliance requirements. After each webinar, I have been extremely impressed that Bob has personally followed up with me to see if the webinar was helpful, met my needs, and if I had any follow up questions or suggestions. Bob is very professional, polite, very customer focused, takes pride in the work, expertise and reputation of his organization!

Robin Redford, Enterprise HIPAA Application Auditor
Mr. Chaput’s webinars regarding HIPAA and HITECH compliance in the health-care industry have proven very helpful in helping me guide the hospital I contract for through the muddy waters of creating an information security program. With his website,, I have found many valuable resources that have helped get our hospital where it is today, fully compliant to the HIPAA security rule and HITECH.
David Auge, Project Manager
I think very highly of Clearwater Compliance. I have been impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of you, Lori, and the others on the Clearwater team. I am also impressed by the myriad information resources available through your website
Jim Carter, President, Techmotives Consulting Group

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