According to Jim Trainor, deputy assistant director of the FBI Cyber Division, “Major intrusions into healthcare providers’ computer systems now are happening at the pace of two or three a day.”

The largest healthcare data breach to date involved the insurance giant Anthem, in which about 80 million patient records were compromised. The cost of cleaning up the Anthem data breach is likely to exceed its $100 million cyber-liability insurance cap.2 Few healthcare organizations can handle a blow that devastating. Yet most healthcare C-suite leaders haven’t paid close enough attention to the fast-changing environment in data security.

Here’s the problem in a nutshell: many C-suites and boards lack the knowledge and experience to understand the scope and severity of the cyber-risk challenges they face, and few hospitals are exceptions. Hospital leaders place a high premium on quality of care, patient safety and financial stability – yet those priorities are all in serious jeopardy when their organizations take a fragmented approach to data security.

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Bob Chaput

CEO at Clearwater Compliance
Bob Chaput is widely recognized for his extensive and in-depth knowledge of healthcare compliance and cyber risk management, and is one of the industry’s leading authorities in healthcare information security today. As a leading authority safeguarding health data, Chaput has supported hundreds of hospitals and health systems to successfully manage healthcare’s evolving cybersecurity threats and ensure patient safety.