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With the constantly evolving cybersecurity threats in healthcare, it is more important than ever for industry experts to come together to help equip hospitals and health systems with the tools and information necessary to combat cyber risks.

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“If we in healthcare don’t start treating this as a war on our physical and financial well-being, we will lose.”
– Mary Chaput, Clearwater Compliance

Co-Authored By: Mary Chaput, CFO & Compliance Officer at Clearwater & Cliff Kittle, Principal Healthcare Information Security Expert at SecureWorks

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Justifying Cybersecurity Investment with a Warfare Mindset
  • A step-by-step application of “what is a war mindset” for health systems and hospitals
  • A new, strategic approach and model, utilizing a relevant and adaptable framework for establishing tactical processes to address today’s continuously evolving threats to hospitals and health systems
  • A sound justification for security investments built on a solid business risk analysis and delivered in a return-on-investment context
Applying the “Doctrine of Maneuver Warfare” to the Execution of a Cybersecurity Action
  • A thorough description of the seven core values of the Doctrine of Maneuver Warfare and how to apply them to Healthcare Cybersecurity
  • Understand how to target critical vulnerabilities, prioritize and respond to them
  • What the benefit and value of Risk Mitigation include

“The past two years (2015, 2016) have seen an exponential escalation in the attacks on the healthcare industry. In addition to traditional hacking and stealing, the industry has the dubious distinction of being the primary target of ransomware attacks.”

“Deven McGraw, former deputy director, Health Information Privacy, Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights, stated that poor risk assessments and the failure to act (i.e. Risk Response and Management) on the result are the biggest reason(s) for the level of OCR fines.”

“A protection strategy and framework: A warfare mindset recognizes that any conflict is won through the implementation of a strategy which includes understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your own environment and how it can be impacted by the adversary.”

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