GHA EndorsementClearwater Compliance earns exclusive endorsement and preferred provider status of Georgia Hospital Health Services

About the GHHS Endorsement

Clearwater was awarded the exclusive endorsement and preferred provider status by Georgia Hospital Health Services (GHHS), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Georgia Hospital Association (GHA). GHA serves more than 170 hospitals and health systems representing 100 percent of the acute care hospitals in Georgia.

“Given its broad implications on both patient privacy and patient safety, cybersecurity has become a top priority for all Georgia hospitals. We are pleased to have Clearwater, through its partnership with GHHS, offer its expertise and educational offerings to help Georgia hospitals take a proactive, comprehensive approach to addressing this critical issue.”
Earl Rogers, President, Georgia Hospital Association

The GHHS Mission

  • To assist GHA member hospitals by offering products or services that assist in ensuring the sustainability of hospital resources to a community while financially supporting GHA in its advocacy and educational endeavors.
  • To enhance the reputation of GHA among member hospitals and the vendor community


GHA’s newest endorsed solution provider Clearwater Compliance, LLC is passionate about helping hospitals and health systems create proactive, comprehensive and strategic programs to protect their patients, data, finances and reputations from the kind of event (WannaCry) that recently occurred.

Unless you’ve just returned from a 10-day interplanetary space mission, you’ve heard about the weaponization of ransomware into a Weapon of Mass Effect (WME) starting Friday, May 12th.  Organizations world-wide are in chaos trying to protect their systems while remaining operational.   It seems that a group called the Shadow Brokers stole and released a suite of Equation Group attack tools purportedly designed by an inhouse hacking team for NSA.  In these tools was a malware called DoublePulsar designed to exploit older versions of Windows. The Shadow Brokers are believed to be tied to the Russian government.

While Microsoft prioritized the development of patches for vulnerabilities targeted by DoublePulsar (perhaps having been tipped off by NSA), many organizations apparently did not install them leaving servers still running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2003 susceptible to an attack.  Now those organizations are scrambling to find and implement those patches.  Gotta do it!  Must address the short game, but don’t neglect the long game.

But then what? What’s next #WannaSpy? #WannaDie? #WannaLie?  How and when will you be ready?   In addition to the short game, organizations also need a long game as well to get out ahead of the next exposed asset, threat source, threat event, vulnerability and control deficiency.

Clearwater offers education as well as services and solutions in cybersecurity, compliance and information risk management that are exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association as well as GHHS.   Clearwater’s sole business is to help you protect your business.  We work with hospitals and health systems of all sizes to help them establish, implement and mature their cyber risk management program.  We can help you develop your short game and your long game.

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About Clearwater’s Endorsed Solutions

A number of factors led the GHA to award its endorsement to Clearwater’s information risk management solutions. Clearwater Compliance’s:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model equips health care organizations to operationalize their compliance and information risk management program in order to make sound decisions on an ongoing basis. The software allows an organization to evaluate its compliance with HIPAA regulations, perform a thorough risk analysis, document results, capture notes, store documents, create a detailed plan to address compliance gaps and/or respond to identified risks, manage completion of remediation, and record and report progress over time.
  • By-the Regs – Clearwater’s tools and methodologies rigorously follow the regulations and all relevant HHS/OCR guidance, including the underlying National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) security framework, upon which the HIPAA Security Rule is based.
  • Education and software training enable hospitals to maintain their compliance program and identify and manage their information risks without the ongoing assistance of a third party.
  • Sole focus on healthcare. The team includes veteran health care executives and professionals with extensive experience in information risk management, HIPAA, HITECH and other health care regulatory areas.

In addition to HIPAA Privacy and Breach Notification Assessment and HIPAA Security Assessment software, Clearwater offers software developed specifically for health care that powers formal, bona fide HIPAA security risk analysis and ongoing risk management. (An explicit requirement within the Security Management Process Standard [45 CFR §164.308(a)(1)])

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