IRM|Pro Cyber Risk Management

IRM|Pro® enables healthcare organizations to efficiently identify exposures, manage and reduce the likelihood of a breach, save time and money, and meet HIPAA compliance requirements by identifying the unique threats and vulnerabilities applicable to their organizations.

With today’s increasing threat landscape and OCR enforcement activity, healthcare providers, payors, and their business associates can no longer effectively manage cyber risk or meet HIPAA compliance requirements with “one size fits all” spreadsheets. Hundreds of healthcare organizations have adopted IRM|Pro® software as their Enterprise Cyber Risk Management Software (ECRMS).

IRM|Pro Cyber Risk Management

Software Suite

For Enterprise Cyber Risk Management & HIPAA Compliance

Your organization’s needs are unique—so are the threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. Contact us today to find the right solution for your needs.

IRM|Pro® Software

A purpose-built, expert system that provides an enterprise view of your top exposures along with actionable insights to improve your security posture. Efficiently perform an enterprise-wide, NIST-based, OCR-Quality enterprise risk analysis across all ePHI assets and medical devices, evaluate vulnerabilities and threats, assess risk, and manage risk remediation.

IRM|Pro® Software

A comprehensive tool for managing compliance with the HIPAA Privacy and Breach Notification Rules. Perform an assessment of your organization’s compliance with these rules, identify gaps in your compliance program, and manage a plan to remediate gaps.

IRM|Pro® Software

A comprehensive tool for performing a periodic Security Assessment, as required by the HIPAA Security Rule. Assess compliance with all standards and implementation specifications, identify gaps in your compliance program, and effectively manage remediation actions.

IRM|Pro Cyber Risk Management

Key Features

CyberIntelligence® Dashboards

Gain actionable insight into the most critical vulnerabilities, control deficiencies and the remediation. Get real-time updates on risk analysis progress, risks above threshold, control deficiencies, and risk mitigation status. Know where your organization's biggest exposures lie and where action can make the most meaningful impact.  Benchmark your risk analysis and risk management performance against peers.

Enterprise Collaboration

Assign tasks such as control evaluations and risk mitigation action items. Users can view and update work performed on their tasks and risk managers can monitor status, send reminders, and get up-to-date reports on progress.

Increased operational efficiency and high-performance enhancements with a refreshed interface offering seamless navigation and multiple browser support, enabling users to run analytics in real time from anywhere

Advanced dashboards with configurable views and reporting capability, providing visibility into a hospital system organization and enabling users to determine exposures

The Entity Hierarchy™ feature (for large health systems) provides for the cascading and inheritance of data from parent to child entities, saving hours of data entry time

IRM|Pro Cyber Risk Management

Find the Right Edition for You

IRM|Pro Cyber Risk Management


Single Subscription
Best suited for community hospitals, small regional hospitals, small medical practice groups, and business associates

IRM|Pro Cyber Risk Management


Our Most Popular Edition
Best suited for regional or multi-site hospitals, small IDNs, large business associates, medical practice groups, and other covered entities

IRM|Pro Cyber Risk Management


Enterprise Functionality
Best suited for large IDNs, other covered entities, and those organizations requiring a dedicated server

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Clearwater has earned the trust of leading healthcare organizations, including:

Baptist Health South Florida
Sentara Healthcare
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Spectrum Health
Clearwater’s IRM|Pro® was the only user accessible software I found that operationalized the NIST framework through automation and made it manageable to apply across our assets. I could not find another vendor providing this type of software solution targeted at risk assessment automation.
Chief Security Officer
Encompass Health

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