The Healthcare Industry’s Ultimate Software Tool for Advanced Cyber Risk Analysis and Management

Since its introduction nearly 10 years ago, IRM|Analysis® has become the healthcare industry’s gold standard for performing a comprehensive, efficient, by-the-book risk analysis and managing risks on an ongoing basis. Used by many of the nation’s largest health systems, major physician groups, leading health IT companies, and other business partners, the software helps them understand where their greatest risks lie and take action in addressing them.

New innovations introduced in the 6.0 release of IRM|Analysis deliver even greater power and value to customers.

More Intelligent: AI-Driven and Community-Powered Predictive Risk Rating

Clearwater has made IRM|Analysis even more intelligent by providing Artificial Intelligence-driven predictive risk ratings that draw upon the millions of risks scenarios that have been analyzed within the software over time.

The goal is to help healthcare organizations make better risk rating decisions and maximize limited resources by freeing up Risk Analysts and Managers to do higher order work in documenting the impacts of an analysis rather than getting bogged down in data preparation. Risk rating recommendations can be automatically accepted or simply serve as guidance for the user.

More Insightful: Peer-to-Peer Benchmarking

One of the most common questions we are asked by customers is, how do our metrics compare to other healthcare organizations? With the addition Peer-to-Peer Benchmarking capabilities in IRM|Analysis, Clearwater is helping answer that question.

Delivered through the CyberIntelligence Dashboards in the software and available to all subscribers, the benchmarking capabilities empower healthcare organizations to compare their performance across key risk analysis and risk management metrics to relevant peers.

Building on Our Tradition of Innovation and Leadership

These latest innovations build on the tradition of innovation and leadership that has helped Clearwater earn the #1 rating for Compliance and Risk Management solutions in Black Book Market Research’s annual healthcare industry survey the past four years in a row.

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100% OCR Success Rate

Avoid OCR fines and penalties. IRM|Analysis® meets all nine requirements of a Security Risk Analysis based on the Office for Civil Right's Guidance Publication. OCR has accepted Risk Analyses conducted with IRM|Analysis 100% of the time when performed in accordance with, or in conjunction with, Clearwater's recommendations and advice.

Know Where Your Exposures Are

Secure your organization better by having a full view of its exposures and cyber risk. IRM|Analysis® provides a consolidated view of your top exposures while enabling you to track progress on remediation efforts to bring risk to an acceptable level.

Adapts to Your Organization

The IRM|Analysis® built-in, continuously updated algorithms let you know which vulnerabilities, threats, and controls are applicable to your organization’s unique systems and platforms.

Manage Risk Remediation Workflow

Reduce risk faster and more efficiently while improving visibility within your organization. Enterprise collaboration and workflow tools ensure remediation actions do not fall between the cracks while also providing documentation that can be presented during an audit or OCR investigation.

Fully Scalable, Enterprise Wide

Deploy enterprise-wide, including all ePHI information assets. IRM|Analysis® is used by some of the largest IDNs because it scales to any size organization, with multiple sites or business units. Our EntityHierachy™ technology enables your organization to cascade elements of your risk analysis to “child” entities, creating efficiencies and consistency.

Promoting Interoperability Attestation & Risk Registry Reports

With a few simple clicks, a risk register report can be printed and submitted to the Office for Civil Rights. Reports from IRM|Analysis® can also be used to support a Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) Attestation.

Based on all I’ve seen over the years, Clearwater’s risk analysis methodology and software are in the best-of-breed tier and can be seriously considered by any organization striving to meet regulatory requirements in performing HIPAA risk analysis.
Former Director, HHS Office for Civil Rights /
Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LP

Additional Benefits

Ensure compliance with OCR’s guidance for conducting a security risk analysis in conjunction with 45 CFR §164.308(a)(1)(ii)(A). Risk analysis conducted with IRM|Analysis has achieved a 100% acceptance rate from OCR when conducted according to Clearwater’s standards.

Reduce work effort required to perform a risk analysis by leveraging a purpose-built system that automatically adapts to your organization’s specific systems and technology platforms out of the box with no configuration required.

Gain the most comprehensive risk analysis possible through Clearwater’s database of thousands of vulnerability and threat scenario combinations.

Optimize and prioritize security budgets and resources with full visibility to where your highest risks exist in accordance with your organizations unique systems and risk tolerance.

Gain efficiencies through use of automated workflow tools, work lists, and reminders — ensure activities do no slip between the cracks.

Facilitate a better and more comprehensive conversation between the C-Suite, Board, and InfoSec by leveraging CyberIntelligence Dashboards™.

Ready to advance how your organization analyzes and manages cyber risk?