Expert Managed Services to Transform Cybersecurity and HIPAA Compliance from a Liability to a Competitive Advantage

ClearAdvantage® ProgramExecuting a robust and scalable cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance program is no longer an option. These capabilities are mission critical for any healthcare organization, especially for those that are executing aggressive growth strategies.

Partner with the Industry Leader in Compliance and Risk Management

Recognized by healthcare organizations as the industry leader in Compliance and Risk Management solutions for four consecutive years, Clearwater delivers the expertise and capabilities you need. Our ClearAdvantage® Program transforms the burden of cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance from a liability into a competitive advantage.

Led and executed by expert healthcare privacy and security professionals leveraging our award-winning SaaS-based software platform IRM|Pro®, Clearwater provides your organization with the benefits of an integrated and efficiently executed, best-in-class cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance program at 25% - 50% of cost of traditional approaches.

ClearAdvantage was designed not only to protect your organization and its data and meet HIPAA compliance requirements, but also to do so in a way that meets three important business objectives: Better. Easier. Less Expensive.

Key Components of the ClearAdvantage Program

Program leadership from an experienced Virtual Chief Information Security Officer and Virtual Chief Privacy Officer

OCR-Quality® Risk Analysis and Risk Management

On-demand access to subject matter experts with a vast knowledge of security and compliance concerns

“CaringWays is proud of our partnership with Clearwater and the integration of the ClearAdvantage program into our delivery model. Data security and patient privacy are key foundational elements of our service commitment to providers and patients. The ClearAdvantage program plays an invaluable role in confidently making that commitment with a cost-effective, best-in-class cyber risk management and HIPAA compliance program.”
Kristi Morrow, President and Co-Founder at CaringWays, a private fundraising platform for medical costs

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