NIST Cybersecurity Framework Implementation WorkShop 

A complete approach to adopting the U.S. Government’s recommended framework for improving critical cybersecurity infrastructure. 

The Cyber Security Framework includes standards, guidelines, and best practices to manage your organization’s cybersecurity-related risk.  It provides a prioritized, flexible, and cost-effective approach for safeguarding your patients’ health, health information, corporate capital and earnings from the impact of cybersecurity related risks.

Our NIST Cybersecurity Framework Implementation WorkShop™ combines our proven methodology and process with a robust proprietary software solution and hands on training from a team of seasoned experts.

Rely on our expertise, our thorough systematic approach and our unique software solution IRM|Framework™ to facilitate your organization’s adoption of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Clearwater’ NIST Cybersecurity Framework Implementation WorkShop™ includes: 

  • Documenting your current Profile and Implementation Tier

  • Defining your target Profile

  • Creating an Action Plan to achieve your Target Profile

NIST Cyber Risk Workshop

Our Workshop Approach Saves You Time and Money 


Our experts will help you form your Project Team, provide them with educational materials and detail the entire process. We will work with your team to analyze your current cyber security profile and train them to use our IRM|Framework™ Software.


In a two-day, onsite Workshop we facilitate a detailed evaluation of your current Profile and work with you to identify an appropriate Target Profile for your organization while educating your team on the Framework.


Our software will dynamically create a dashboard showing your current Implementation Tier within the Framework, detailed list of all gaps between your current and target profiles, and a high level action plan. In addition, we will prepare an Action Plan to help you prioritize your next steps.

Go Beyond Compliance

Information security risk management has been a long-standing requirement in healthcare privacy and security regulations. However, compliance with regulations does not necessarily imply an organization has a “secure” information systems environment. Clearwater’s NIST Cybersecurity Framework Implementation WorkShop™ assists your organization in adopting the government recommended cybersecurity framework while offering education, procedures and software to help you strengthen and maintain your information security program. 

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