How to Conduct an OCR-Quality® Risk Analysis On Demand

THIS PRESENTATION IS A RECORDING OF A LIVE WEBINAR GIVEN ON 11/08/2018. For the latest information and to take advantage of interacting with our subject matter experts, we invite you to attend one of our live webinars.

Does your organization know how to complete an OCR-Quality® Risk Analysis? View this webinar to learn more about OCR risk analysis and HIPAA risk assessment requirements. Take away practical, actionable step-by-step instructions!

IRM|Analysis™ – Clearwater’s HIPAA Risk Analysis Software

Risk Analysis is a core step in any solid compliance program, IRM|Analysis™ risk analysis software provides a methodology to ensure you’ll meet all the HIPAA and meaningful use requirements.

HIPAA Risk Analysis WorkShop™

Performing a HIPAA Risk Analysis that meets all requirements and effectively address the protection of patient data can be difficult. Clearwater’s workshop makes it easy for your organization by combining our software with hands on training from our experts.

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