How to Implement a Strong, Proactive HIPAA Business Associate Risk Management Plan – A Presentation for AHA

How Confident Are You in Your Business Associates’ HIPAA Compliance Efforts?

You are trusting that vendors will protect sensitive data with the same fervor as you would, but in the event they are not, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) could come knocking on your compliance door.

The primary goal of business associate management is not to add another layer to your already full workload, but rather it is a way to have a well-documented process that you can utilize to assist in determining your (and your business associate’s) level of risk.

Watch this presentation for practical, actionable advice and approaches to managing your business associate program.

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Most BAs and their Agents/Subcontractors are not compliant and many don’t know where to start. Do you? Clearwater Compliance offers solutions to help Business Associates meet their compliance obligations.