How to Perform a Risk Analysis That Achieves Compliance and Security

This presentation is a recording of a webinar given on 3/17/2021 by Clearwater's Principal Consultant, Mark Sexton.


Many healthcare organizations that accelerated the implementation of new technologies to meet demands brought on by the pandemic now find themselves contemplating the need to perform a detailed security risk analysis of their environment.

From a regulatory perspective, the HIPAA Security Rule maintains that a risk analysis must be performed as new systems and technologies are implemented, or there are any material environmental changes. In addition to satisfying regulatory requirements, it is vital for organizations to understand if existing security measures are reasonable and appropriate to protect against the risks associated with evolving threats and vulnerabilities.

During this webinar, we will review how to perform a risk analysis that aligns with the nine essential elements outlined by HIPAA enforcement agency the Office for Civil Rights. We will also discuss ways in which organizations can overcome challenges to executing an enterprise-wide, information system-based risk analysis that provides true visibility into where your greatest exposures lie.