Best-in-Class Cyber Risk Management and HIPAA Compliance Solutions for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Organizations

With cyberattacks growing in number and sophistication, physical therapy and rehabilitation organizations find themselves at great risk to the breach or loss of patient data and the disruption of care delivery which can negatively impact the health of patients as well as the reputation and performance of the organization.

To better protect themselves against the threat of ransomware and other crippling attacks, leading providers of physical therapy and rehabilitation services are recognizing the need to implement more robust programs for managing cyber risk and maintaining the privacy and security of their patients’ health information.

Recognized by Black Book Research as the top-rated Compliance and Risk Management Solution Provider to the healthcare industry in 2017, 2018, and 2019, Clearwater has developed a full range of solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of physical therapy and rehabilitation organizations and other providers. Hundreds of healthcare customers have deployed Clearwater’s Enterprise Cyber Risk Management Software, IRM|Pro®, as a cost-effective, SaaS platform for assessing HIPAA compliance, conducting an OCR-Quality® Risk Analysis, and managing cyber risks on an on-going basis. IRM|Pro is ready to use out-of-the-box and thus provides a simple and streamlined solution that can be rapidly implemented in smaller provider organizations.

In addition, Clearwater’s team of HIPAA Compliance and cybersecurity experts deliver efficient, fixed-cost consulting services including strategic risk assessment, risk remediation, compliance assessment, HIPAA policy and procedure development and training, and technical testing. Clearwater also offers a full-service, multi-year program, ClearAdvantage®, through which our team stands up, executes, and matures your cyber risk management program, while also ensuring all necessary activities to appropriately maintain compliance with the HIPAA Privacy, Breach Notification, and Security Rules. During this process, we will transfer our expertise to your organization so it can be as self-sufficient as it wants to be at the end of the program.

“Clearwater was able to come in on day one, start the risk assessment process, and minimize the impact on my staff and others across the company. In just a couple of days, they accomplished what it would have taken us weeks to do on our own. Then they input all of that information into the software and worked with my team on how they did it, what that process was, and how to use the software. That gave us the momentum we needed to manage and maintain the process going forward.”

Mitch Thomas, Chief Security Officer for Encompass Health, one of the nation’s largest providers of post-acute healthcare services

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