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Clearwater HIPAA Course BootCamp™ Module 1, 2 and 3 – Getting Started with HIPAA Compliance

//Clearwater HIPAA Course BootCamp™ Module 1, 2 and 3 – Getting Started with HIPAA Compliance

Clearwater HIPAA Course BootCamp™ Module 1, 2 and 3 – Getting Started with HIPAA Compliance


This first section of our BootCamp provides an excellent introduction to both the course material and the fundamentals of the subject matter. The three modules included in this primer are:

– How to Set Up Your Privacy and Security Risk Management & Governance Program
– How to Assess Your Increased Liability Risk Under the Omnibus Final Rule
– How to Develop & Implement Comprehensive HIPAA Privacy and Security and Breach Notification Policies & Procedures (PnPs)

Learn about these important HIPAA compliance basics in the convenience of your office. Study at your own pace and view, pause and rewind the videos as you need to.

Product Description

HIPAA Compliance Education: HIPAA Simplified by the Experts™

Designed for busy professionals, the Clearwater HIPAA Course BootCamp™ distills into one action-packed day, the critical information you need to know about the HIPAA Privacy and Security Final Rules and the HITECH Breach Notification Rule. All registrants will receive a Clearwater Compliance HIPAA-HITECH toolkit, packed with invaluable information on the step-by-step process to start or revamp your HIPAA Compliance Program.

Taught by nationally recognized, fully credentialed HIPAA-HITECH experts, you’ll take a deep dive into the HIPAA Privacy and Breach Notification Rules;  the OCR Audit Program and Protocols (including enforcement and penalties) and learn first-hand from companies who have successfully passed an OCR audit. The event includes 10 training modules. 

The complete Clearwater HIPAA Course BootCamp™ offers excellent value for money, giving you access to the complete set of 10 video recordings of presentations from one of our live BootCamps as well as 6 whitepapers and a discount for you next Information Risk Management BootCamp™ purchase.

Other HIPAA Compliance Modules

How to Prepare for and Manage an OCR Investigation
How to Train all Members of Your Workforce
Panel Discussion – How to Implement a Strong, Proactive Business Associate Management Program
How to Complete All HIPAA Security Rule Assessment Requirements
Presentation and Panel Discussion: How to Create a “Culture of Compliance”
How to Assess and Monitor Your Compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule and HITECH Breach Notification Rule


Clearwater Compliance

Clearwater Compliance helps healthcare organizations ensure patient safety and improve the quality of care by safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of protected health information (PHI).

We have assisted more than 400 customers to operationalize and mature their information privacy, security, compliance and information risk management programs. And in the process, we are raising the bar for safeguarding PHI, protecting millions of Americans and driving real value for the organizations we support and the healthcare industry at large.

Additional Information

A Clearwater Compliance BootCamp™ includes the following features:

Empower your teams with relevant, practical and actionable information efficiently and effectively:

Development of Step-by-Step Implementation strategy

Eliminate confusion, save time, reduce costly investment in multiple courses, and avoid even more costly missteps that occur when your compliance program is developed and managed by uneducated teams

Understanding of regulations, including Omnibus Final Rule updates

Equip and inspire your risk and compliance teams to create and foster a HIPAA “Culture of Compliance” throughout your organization

Assistance evaluating current safeguards and controls

Gain the ability to identify the key metrics for measuring and monitoring the status and progress of your compliance program

Appreciation of new compliance enforcement and sources of liability

Enable your team to recognize high priority gaps in your HIPAA compliance program and develop prioritized corrective action plans

Help recognizing high priority gaps in your compliance program

Avoid the reputational risk of failing an audit

Understanding of OCR Audit Protocol

Empower your organization to market your HIPAA knowledge and proven compliance as a competitive advantage

Identification of key progress metrics

Help gaining a competitive advantage

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