Use the Clearwater Information Risk Management AlignmentCheck™

Business Leaders: Is your Information Risk Management Program well-aligned with your Business Strategy?

Game-changing new rules have dramatically increased your risks and liabilities as it relates to safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI) and electronic PHI (ePHI).

This ‘diagnostic tool’ is the first step in our “HIPAA-HITECH Compliance and Alignment Review”. By surveying a broad cross-section of business leaders and staff and compliance leaders and staff, you will develop a better understanding of the alignment of your HIPAA-HITECH Compliance program with your overall organizational strategy.

You may wish to “test drive” this tool.  Please contact us if you wish to complete the Clearwater Strategic HIPAA-HITECH Compliance AlignmentCheck™ across your organization.  Contact:

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If you are having any trouble with the “iframe” below displaying in your browser, you may link directly to the Clearwater Strategic HIPAA-HITECH Compliance AlignmentCheck™.