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Below are resources to help you learn more about Information Security, HIPAA Security Compliance Laws and Regulations, The HITECH Act, Data Breach Notification Interim Final Rule, and The Electronic Health Record Incentive Program and Meaningful Use.

Click on any of the links below to view resources to help you learn more about these issues.

Risk Analysis & Management
How to Conduct a NIST-based Risk Assessment to Comply with HIPAA & Other Regulations
How to Calculate the Cost of a Data Breach and How to Get the Budget for Your HIPAA HITECH Compliance Program
How To Avoid the HHS Wall of Shame- Five Practical Actions to Avoid a Data Breach
NIST-based Information Risk Management Essentials
How to Conduct NIST-based Risk Response to Comply with HIPAA & Other Regulations
How to Mature Your Information Risk Management Program

HIPAA Fundamentals
How to Meet HIPAA-HITECH Encryption Requirements & Beyond
The Truth About HIPAA-HITECH Data Backup Requirements
The Critical Difference: HIPAA Security Evaluation v HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

Business Associates
What Business Associates Need to Know about HIPAA
How to Set Up and Administer a Business Associate Management Program
Negotiating Business Associate Agreements

Compliance Program Management
How to Conduct A HIPAA Security Compliance Self Audit
How The Final Omnibus Rule Raised the Ante for HIPAA Compliance
HIPAA Texas Style HB 300 is Here
How To Revitalize Your HIPAA-HITECH Compliance Program
HIPAA Audits or Investigations
How to Prepare for HIPAA Audits or Investigations
How to Prepare for a Privacy/Breach OCR Audit or Investigation
How To Navigate OCR Audit Protocols

Policies & Procedures
How to Develop Your HIPAA-HITECH Policies & Procedures

Blue Ribbon Panel
Risk Analysis DOs and DONTs
HIPAA-HITECH Implications for Business Associates and Subcontractors
How to Prepare for the HIPAA Enforcement Actions
Risk Transfer & Cyber Liability Insurance
How to Prepare for the HIPAA Audits
Information Risk Management Essentials

The HIPAA Risk Analysis or more specifically the HIPAA Security Risk Analysis required at 45 CFR §164.308(a)(1)(ii)(A) should be performed by all Covered Entities, Business Associates and their Agents and Subcontractors.  Review the HIPAA HITECH resources below to learn how to complete a bona fide HIPAA Security Risk Analysis.

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