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AHA_Seal_tIRM|Analysis® from Clearwater Compliance has earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association.

Be Confident That Your Risk Analysis Is “By-The-Book”.

How would you fare in an OCR audit or investigation?  Are you struggling to find guidance, tools and methodology to conduct your security risk analysis?

IRM|Analysis® provides an approach and methodology to help your organization to meet HIPAA and Meaningful Use requirements. It strictly follows the HHS/OCR guidance given for Security Risk Analysis and harnesses the power of the NIST risk assessment processes.

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Qualify for Meaningful Use

Stage 1 and Stage 2 Meaningful Use also require organizations to demonstrate they have conducted or reviewed a security risk analysis per 45 CFR §164.308(a)(1), have implemented security updates as necessary, and have corrected identified security deficiencies as part of a risk management process.

Secure incentives with this powerful risk analysis software.

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Feature Rich, Yet Easy To Use

  • Proven methodology to meet HIPAA requirements
  • Thorough approach to meeting Meaningful Use requirements
  • Strictly follows HHS/OCR guidelines for a security risk analysis
  • Harnesses the power of a NIST risk assessment process
  • Create dynamic dashboards and reports
  • Design specifically for health care organizations
  • Create a complete repository of all assets that create, receive, store or transmit ePHI
  • Immediately view threats to your sensitive information
  • Easily identify your vulnerabilities, and create a risk rating
  • Document compliance efforts
  • Get recommendations for controls to protect your sensitive information
  • Designed by seasoned security experts
  • Capture a baseline for your current risk profile
  • Measure progress in reducing your risks
  • Allows you to operationalize your compliance program
  • Create a sustainable, mature, repeatable process

Strengthen Your Compliance

Risk analysis is a core foundational step toward HIPAA compliance, yet organizations largely have been found lacking in this area.

Recent OCR findings reveal that most organizations investigated after an inadvertent data breach had not conducted a security risk analysis as required by the HIPAA Security Rule. The financial, legal, regulatory and reputational consequences of not conducting a formal risk analysis and taking steps to mitigate identified risks are dire!

IRM|Analysis® risk analysis software offers organizations a proven methodology for conducting a security risk analysis.

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The explanations from Clearwater and NIST gave me a better understanding of what the controls were.
Jim Furstenburg, Ferris State University
What surprised me in Clearwater was the automatic listing of threats that applied to the devices/medias in the asset inventory. This is something that Clearwater provides to ensure that any and all threats(especially common ones) are assessed and also not forgotten.
Jim Furstenburg, Ferris State University
One thing I did learn about the Clearwater Compliance software is that they do not leave any stone un-turned, which is great because it gives us the feeling of a real life scenario but on a much smaller scale.
Jim Furstenburg, Ferris State University
I really like how Clearwater breaks each section down to different categories, starting with what controls are needed or being used on each device.
Jim Furstenburg, Ferris State University

Get The Full Power of IRM|Pro®

Enhance your Privacy, Security, Compliance and Information Risk Management program with our complete suite of software.


  • Comply with the HIPAA Security Rule
  • Review OCR Protocols
  • Complete Gap Analysis
  • Create Remediation Plan
  • Generate Dashboards and Reports
  • Manage Remediation Tasks
  • Store Compliance Documents
  • Learn More!


  • Comply with the HIPAA Privacy and Breach Notification Rule
  • Review OCR Protocols
  • Complete Gap Analysis
  • Create Remediation Plan
  • Generate Dashboards and Reports
  • Manage Remediation Tasks
  • Store Compliance Documents
  • Learn More!


  • Complete a Risk Analysis
  • Meet HIPAA and Meaningful Use Requirements
  • Create and Maintain an Asset Inventory
  • Understand Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Assess Controls
  • Determine Your Likelihood of Harm
  • Document Compliance Efforts
  • Learn More!

Have Confidence In The Strength Of Your Security Program.

A formal, bona fide HIPAA security risk analysis is an explicit requirement within the Security Management Process Standard [45 CFR §164.308(a)(1)] of the HIPAA Security Final Rule.

IRM|Analysis® guides you through the steps needed to complete a “by-the-book” security analysis. Your team will receive full training and the support of our experts to ensure that your organization has the skills and tools needed to conduct a security risk analysis without relying on 3rd party consulting services.

  • Cloud-based software-as-service means no installation
  • Track progress on your remediation plan without the need for additional software
  • Benchmark and report your progress

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  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Enterprise Pricing Available*

Our pricing is flexible and transparent. *We customize pricing to create the best value for your organization’s size and needs.

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