Executive Level Cyber Risk Advisory Services for Healthcare

Attacks against healthcare are skyrocketing. Maintaining resilience in your cybersecurity profile is critical. Beyond the day-to-day, healthcare organizations often need strategic, executive-level advice on the best practice for establishing a NIST-based cybersecurity framework, their overall cyber strategy, metrics, budgeting, and sometimes OCR guidance.

OCR Enforcement Advisory Services

If the Need Arises.

With Clearwater’s OCR Enforcement Advisory Services our professionals can assist you in dealing with HIPAA requirements and limiting the negative impact of an OCR inquiry. We can provide the support and advice you need to prepare for a breach—before it happens—recovering after a breach, assisting you in responding to an OCR investigation, and aligning your compliance activities with a Corrective Action Plan, if one is required.

Incorporating lessons learned from previous OCR enforcement actions, our team of subject matter experts helps you minimize your compliance, financial, and reputational risk. We do this by:

  • Strengthening your breach response capability
  • Preparing you and your team for a potential OCR investigation
  • Coordinating and supporting your response and communications with OCR
  • Scheduling and documenting your cyber risk management actions

Strategic Security Roadmap Creation

Implementing a Roadmap to Success

Before an organization can truly benefit from Interoperability, it must discover its own information security strengths and weaknesses, identify critical business drivers and security needs, and develop and implement a roadmap for achieving success.

Grounded in practical experience and based on our unique methodology, the process to design your Security Roadmap begins with a comprehensive review of your security posture, in line with the NIST and ISO security frameworks. It assesses capabilities against the guidelines of NIST SP800-53, SP 800-39, SP 800-30, controls of ISO 27002 and regulatory requirements of HIPAA, HITECH, FTC Red Flags, local State Privacy Laws, and internal corporate policies and standards. Current capabilities are mapped by the security domain against the NIST or CMMi maturity model to identify strengths and weaknesses. A Future State security model is developed based upon business imperatives, appetite for risk, and remediation of identified weaknesses.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework Implementation

A complete approach to adopting the NIST framework for improving critical infrastructure cybersecurity

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework includes standards, guidelines, and best practices to manage your organization’s cybersecurity-related risks. It provides a prioritized, flexible, and cost-effective approach for safeguarding your patients' health, health information, corporate capital, and earnings from the impact of cybersecurity-related risks.

Our NIST Cybersecurity Framework Implementation WorkShop™ combines our proven methodology and process with a robust proprietary software solution and hands-on training from a team of seasoned experts.

Interested in how Cyber Risk Advisory Services could help your organization?