Coming to Terms With New Privacy Regulations

September 19, 2019

12pm – 1pm ET

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Guidance on how organizations can increase their rate of return on the resources they bring to bear in managing patient privacy in an increasingly regulated and interconnected world.


The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) coming out next year may be the first comprehensive data privacy law passed in the United States, but all indications are that it isn’t going to be the last.  At least 19 additional states have introduced similar laws which are in various stages of approval and others are seeking to amend their current consumer privacy laws to either expand their definition or requirements.  Additionally, it has been mentioned that the United States is considering the establishment of federal consumer privacy laws.

This webinar will discuss how healthcare organizations, especially those with a multi-state footprint, can keep up with a deluge of privacy regulations -- each one having, most likely, its own twists and nuances. George Jackson, a leading expert on healthcare information security and privacy and senior member of Clearwater's Professional Services team, will provide an update on the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Privacy Engineering and Privacy Framework initiative which is designed to help organizations face the inevitable regulatory onslaught to come.

Webinar Objectives

  • The NIST Privacy Framework (still under development) features and benefits
  • Understanding Privacy Engineering its value to your organization and how it can be implemented
  • Developing a game plan to prepare for the challenges and complexities of upcoming consumer privacy laws
George W. Jackson, Jr.

Sr. Principal Consultant, Clearwater

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