Proactive Measures to Reduce the Likelihood, Cost and Impact of a Breach

June 20, 2019

12pm – 1pm ET

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Join us for this complimentary educational webinar and learn about steps you can take today to reduce the likelihood and impact of a data breach.


Breaches in healthcare are a near daily event as entities of all sizes are under attack by bad actors.  In 2018, there were 503 reported breaches affecting 15.1 million individuals, an increase of 170% over 2017.  As networks and technology infrastructure grows in complexity across healthcare, the cost and impact of a breach is increasing as well.  Learn how your organization can protect against breaches and reduce their impact.

Webinar Objectives

Participants will be able to learn about steps they can take today to reduce the likelihood and impact of a data breach:

  • Understand recent trends and statistics of breaches across healthcare
  • Gain an understanding of the actual cost of a breach
  • Learn fundamental steps an organization can take to reduce the likelihood of a breach
  • Understand ways to reduce the operational and financial impact of a breach, including the benefits and challenges with cyber insurance and how to ensure your BAAs are structured to transfer risk to responsible parties
Travis Holt
Baxter Lee

Chief Financial Officer, Clearwater

Travis Holt

Partner, Brush Creek Partners

Travis Holt

Travis Holt is a partner at Brush Creek Partners, a full service insurance and risk management firm, where he is a co-founder and runs the technology, private equity, and cyber liability practice group.  His areas of expertise include professional liability, management liability, transactional risk, technology risk management and due diligence, and cyber liability.  Travis is recognized as a national expert on the contractual transfer of technology risk and matching insurance requirements to the risk transfer.  He has been published and speaks frequently to groups of professionals on different technology risk management topics.

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