Industry Leading Cyber Risk & HIPAA Compliance Solutions for Business Associates


Clearwater’s enterprise cyber risk management solutions enable business associates to cost-effectively meet HIPAA Compliance & customer cybersecurity requirements, while also preventing breaches and enabling them to become more competitive.

As covered entities increase their outsourcing of services to business associate vendors, they realize new risks as they shift a growing amount of protected data to these third parties. With so many recent breaches occurring in business associates' systems, covered entities are now holding their vendors to higher cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance standards. Additionally, the Office For Civil Rights and numerous state attorney generals have recently demonstrated that they will fine business associates when they violate HIPAA requirements, such as in the case when there is a failure to perform an enterprise security risk analysis of all ePHI related information assets. Any business associate that wants to stay competitive in this environment must implement a best-in-class cyber risk management program.

Clearwater has worked with hundreds of business associates and understands their unique needs and challenges. Our solutions enable business associates to implement a cost-effective, best-in-class cyber risk management and HIPAA compliance program that will appropriately secure your organization and also meet the standards your customers demand.

Clearwater’s IRM|Pro™ Enterprise Cyber Risk Management Software provides an out-of-the-box platform for conducting an OCR-Quality™ NIST-based risk analysis that fully follows OCR’s guidance documents and implements all nine of its requirements. Your customers will be confident in your firm, knowing it has adopted the industry-leading software platform for managing cyber risk and HIPAA Compliance. IRM|Pro™ is pre-configured and SaaS-based, so you can start immediately and achieve the results you want fast.

Clearwater’s team of HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity experts can efficiently complete your security risk analysis, risk remediation, compliance assessment, HIPAA policy and procedure development and training, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing, leveraging our proven methodologies and best practices. Our team will also educate your staff along the way so that it can be as self-sufficient as it wants to be going forward. For those business associates who are seeking an outsourced solution, Clearwater provides virtual information officer and privacy officer services as well as our Cyber Risk Services™ program for a fixed monthly fee.

“When we built our systems and infrastructure, we wanted to make sure it was fully compliant with current standards. We worked with Clearwater, who really did a lot of the risk and compliance assessment of the platform, really making sure we developed a product built for healthcare by healthcare professionals.”

DAN R. TRIGUB, Head of Business Development, Uber Health

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