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Clearwater has a long history of partnering with the nation’s top privacy and healthcare law firms. With our 100% OCR success rate, proven track record working under attorney-client privilege, and ability to meet tight deadlines and budgets, your firm can rely on Clearwater to deliver the best solutions for your clients.

Our solutions include:

We work in conjunction with your preferred communication and contracting structure and deliver the highest quality work when and where it’s needed.

OCR Investigations

Clearwater has a long history of success in assisting clients with the detailed work required when preparing for and responding to OCR investigations. If your client is under investigation or is simply preparing for one, we can support you by conducting a detailed assessment of its policies and procedures, reviewing the sufficiency of its risk analysis, and compliance gap assessments of its technical testing. Clearwater is experienced working under attorney-client privilege, meeting tight deadlines, and sitting across the able from OCR investigators. Learn more about Clearwater's OCR Enforcement Advisory Services

Risk Analysis

In many cases, organizations have not performed a bonafide OCR-Quality® Risk Analysis. In this case, Clearwater can quickly assist by deploying its IRM|Analysis™ SaaS platform and experienced professional services consultants to rapidly complete a risk analysis and deliver a findings and observations report. Our risk analysis process follows NIST Special Publication 800-30 and fully conforms with OCR’s guidance. Learn more about Clearwater's Risk Analysis Services

Technical Testing

Technical evaluations in the form of penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, web application testing, and security awareness assessments are all best practices and required under HIPAA. Clearwater has the expertise and tools and is ready to perform these technical evaluations for your clients, providing them with a report that details any issues identified and, more importantly, recommendations on how to fix them. Learn more about Clearwater's Technical Testing Services

M&A Diligence

Clearwater also provides expert consulting services for assisting companies, private equity firms, and other organizations with HIPAA and cybersecurity diligence during or following a merger or acquisition. Our 10-point Cybersecurity and HIPAA Compliance Assessment provides a broad program review, identifies key gaps, and provides a recommended prioritized tactical plan to resolve key deficiencies and establish and implement a best-in-class HIPAA Compliance and Cyber Risk Management Program. This assessment is highly attractive, as it can be completed in less than 30 days for a fixed cost and delivers a Board-ready executive-level Findings, Observations, & Recommendations (FOR) presentation. Learn more about Clearwater's M&A Diligence Solutions

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