Out-of-Box Cyber Risk Management & HIPAA Compliance Solutions For Medium-Large Practice Groups & Ambulatory Centers


Clearwater’s solutions enable medium to large physician practice groups, surgical centers, ambulatory centers, and other healthcare provider organizations to reduce the likelihood of a breach, save time and money, and meet HIPAA compliance requirements by seamlessly identifying, analyzing, and reducing exposures.

Physician practice groups and other provider types continue to consolidate, resulting in larger and more complex healthcare organizations, with a growing number of locations, technology platforms, and protected records. As these organizations grow, they face greater likelihood of a breach, resulting in increased impact and risk for the organization. Additionally, larger providers are being held to higher security and privacy standards by the Office For Civil Rights. They must implement more robust systems for complying with HIPAA’s Privacy, Breach Notification, and Security Rules to avoid costly regulatory action. Effectively managing compliance and cyber risk at this level requires enterprise cyber risk management software, as well as the assistance from an experienced partner.

Clearwater provides a full range of solutions—including both technology and accompanying services—designed specifically to meet the needs of medium to large physician practice groups, surgical centers, dental groups, ambulatory centers, behavioral health clinics, and other provider organizations. Hundreds of healthcare customers have deployed IRM|Pro® Enterprise Cyber Risk Management Software as a cost-effective, SaaS platform for assessing HIPAA compliance, conducting an OCR-Quality Risk Analysis™, and managing cyber risk management on an on-going basis. IRM|Pro™ is ready to use out-of-the-box and thus provides a simple and streamlined solution that can be rapidly implemented in smaller provider organizations.

Our team of HIPAA Compliance and IT Security experts provides efficient, fixed-cost consulting services including strategic risk assessment, risk remediation, compliance assessment, HIPAA policy and procedure development and training, and technical testing. Clearwater also offers it’s Cyber Risk Services™ program, a full-service three-year program where Clearwater stands up, executes, and matures your cyber risk management system and process, while also ensuring all necessary activities to appropriately meet compliance with the HIPAA Privacy, Breach Notification, and Security Rules. During this process, we will transfer our expertise to your organization so it can be as self-sufficient as it wants to be at the end of the program.

Clearwater has been rated Best in Klas Cybersecurity Advisors in 2018 by its customers and was named Black Book Top Rated Compliance and Risk Management Solution Provider in 2017, 2018, and 2019.


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