In-depth Cybersecurity and HIPAA Compliance M&A Diligence Services:


Clearwater provides the most in-depth and streamlined Cybersecurity and HIPAA Compliance Assessment available, structured to complement the private equity investor’s existing due diligence program.

Healthcare investors must consider the risks associated with protecting patient data and the potential impact of cybersecurity attacks on their investments as part of the due diligence process. Breaches in healthcare can lead to multiple and severe consequences including significant fines, reputational damage, legal and remediation costs, and loss of customers, such as in the case of a business associate who provides services to a covered entity.

The push/pull of data access versus data security in the healthcare setting and the dynamically changing technology environment are just a couple of the reasons that private equity investors need to consider cyber risk and HIPAA compliance assessments as part of their overall due diligence strategy. Given this complexity, it is particularly important for private equity investors to work with a partner having deep experience in healthcare privacy and cybersecurity in order to conduct proper due diligence.

Clearwater has been a trusted adviser to large health systems, multi-site physician practices, payers, and business associates for HIPAA Compliance and Cyber Security solutions for nearly a decade. We are HIPAA Privacy and Healthcare IT Security Experts and are frequent panelists and presenters at industry HIPAA Compliance and healthcare information security conferences. We are highly recommended by dozens of national law firms and have sat across the table from OCR in dozens of investigations and, therefore, know where the focus areas need to be in a diligence process.

Clearwater's Cyber Risk & HIPAA Compliance M&A Due Diligence Assessment offers an in-depth, streamlined review of policies and procedures, governance programs, organizational structure, and practices to provide an early indication of areas of excess risk before an investment is initiated. Clearwater’s M&A Assessment also identifies the specific actions and steps that should be taken post-closing to mature an organization’s compliance and security programs.

Clearwater’s assessments are structured to complement private equity investor’s existing due diligence program and can be performed on short timelines with minimum disruption to the target.

Key Benefits:

  • Broad 10-point tactical assessment of all key HIPAA requirements and cybersecurity processes
  • Efficiently assess and identify any “show stoppers” or critical areas of risk
  • Performed by healthcare security and compliance experts
  • ‘Off the Shelf’ program completed in as few as 30 days
  • Investment Committee-ready Findings, Observations, & Recommendations report
  • Provides actionable steps for improvement and provides a basis for a post-closing plan of action
  • Optionally, Clearwater can be engaged to resolve any high-risk gaps or finding


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