Efficient Cyber Risk Management & HIPAA Compliance Solutions for Specialty Healthcare Providers


Clearwater’s solutions enable specialty healthcare providers to reduce the likelihood of a breach, save time and money, and meet HIPAA compliance requirements by seamlessly identifying, analyzing, and reducing exposures.

As deployment of new technology and growth in healthcare data continues to increase at a rapid pace, specialty providers are struggling to effectively secure their data and protect their patients. Minimal budgets and lack of in-house expertise and resources have resulted in insufficient risk analysis and risk management. Without a comprehensive risk analysis, providers do not know where their exposures are, leaving them at high risk of a breach. In addition to breach response costs and reputational damage, these organizations may experience regulatory enforcement actions and fines, which they cannot afford.

Clearwater understands that specialty providers need a more effective and pragmatic approach to securing their organization, as well as a partner that can provide a full solution to augment their limited security and compliance resources. Clearwater provides a full range of solutions—including both SaaS-based technology and related services—designed specifically to meet the needs of specialty providers, including: